Albinus Grammar Studio is the anatomy of brands we design, develop and communicate. We call it design strategy.

We are the anatomy of brands around the world. We support them as a skeleton, breath for them as lungs. We even push them like muscles and give them soul.


Albinus Grammar studio was founded in 2008 and is leaded by the art director Albinus Grammar. The studio moved four years ago from Oslo, Norway, to center of European culture Prague, Czech republic.

Albinus Grammar follow the classic nordic style and combine scandinavian elements with middle European avantgarda. Based on surrealism, classic Bauhaus rules and superb craftmanship of bohemian people.

This unique mix of Albinus Grammars expertise creates an ultimate experience.

We are specialists in visual content and high – technology garments for all kind of sports and leisure.

Contact us for complete presentation and clients recommendations.

Cultural – clients:

Joey Holdren / NY /
Brian Alex / CA /
Dear Friends / SK /
MAHKU Utrecht
University of Cardif / UK /
Bauhaus Weimar / DE /
Vnitroblock / CZ /
Unit and Sofa

Clients – agents:

Škoda auto a.s.
Porsche CEE
Mustard agency
Peppermint agency
Revolta agency / CZ /
We love cycling / EU /
JAD production agency
Dudes and Barbies agency
VF Czech – brands
Front events

Clients – production:

Footshop CZ
Rehall outwear / NL /
Husky brand
Nord blanc
Freshlabels essentials
Fakeer energy
Bigg Boss
Forbess magazine
Loap outdoor


Ornelli / IT /
Tackless / UK /
Alex Monhart / EU /
Marshal Apparel / CZ /
Rokyo Costa Rica
Kossok Argentina
Nicks club Korea
Kilpi brand
Envy brand
Tilak outdoor